Where is Netflix After Life filmed?

Ricky Gervais’ heart-warming comedy After Life is back on Netflix as the show returns for its third series.

It’s been nearly two years since the last series was released, leaving fans of the dark comedy eager for new episodes.

Created by Gervais, who also stars as the lead character, the show follows Tony as he tries to cope with his wife Lisa’s death.

After Life tugs at the heartstrings with moving flashbacks to when Tony’s wife was alive and explores the topic of grief.


But Tony’s day job at the local newspaper, the Tambury Gazette, provides fans with a lot of light relief, particularly with scenes featuring Bolton actress Diane Morgan’s character Kath.

After Life also stars Joe Wilkinson, Ashley Jensen, Penelope Wilton and Tony Way.

David Bradley, who played Tony’s dad, could make a return in series three in flashback clips after the character passed away in series two.

And of course, Tony’s trusty sidekick Brandy the dog will make a comeback, with Gervais reassuring fans on

that the dog doesn’t die.

Ricky Gervais in After Life
Ricky Gervais shares a scene with Tony’s dog Brandy

Where are the After Life filming locations?

After Life is set in the fictional town of Tambury, although you can visit the real life locations which serve as the backdrop.

Crews were spotted filming in Hertfordshire last spring, with Gervais seen shooting scenes in Hemel Hempstead Old Town in May.

Hemel Hempstead Old Town
Hemel Hempstead Old Town

The Tambury Gazette offices can be found in the centre of Hemel Hempstead.

Meanwhile Tony’s house is located in the Vale of Health, a small hamlet in North Hampstead.

Vale of Health
Vale of Health

The graveyard where Tony’s wife is buried, and where he shares many insightful conversations with Anne (played by Penelope Wilton) is by the St Mary and All Saints church in Beaconsfield.

During filming Gervais shared a photo of a funfair scene on Instagram, this was shot at Gadebridge Park, located near Hemel Hempstead Old Town.

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