Dog SURVIVES horrifying 100ft fall off cliff edge as he’s rescued with no injuries

Incredibly the Border Collie, named Max, did not suffer any injuries during the startling plunge into the sea at Seaford, East Sussex

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Dog rescued by RNLI lifeboat after horrific 100ft drop from cliff edge

A dog had an incredible brush with death after he plunged more than 100ft down a cliff edge – only to escape unharmed.

The lucky pet was dramatically rescued by a lifeboat after the terrifying plunge.

Incredibly the Border Collie, named Max, did not suffer any injuries during the startling drop into the sea at Seaford, East Sussex.

But he was trapped on the small stretch of shingle surrounded by the tide coming in rapidly.

A Newhaven Coastguard Search and Rescue team were separated from the stranded pooch by the crashing waves and unable to reach him.

So HM Coastguard tasked the RNLI to rescue the Border Collie, at 11.43am yesterday.

The RNLI was tasked with rescuing the lucky pet


RNLI / Newhaven / SWNS)

Newhaven’s Severn class all-weather lifeboat, the David and Elizabeth Acland, launched to find the dog had fallen into the water below Hawks Brow.

Its three volunteer crew headed to the base of the cliff, where Max had swum to shore, on a Y-class lifeboat.

He appeared to be moving well on a small stretch of beach which was only just visible with the receding tide.

The crew landed on the shingle and gave the black and white pup a treat to calm him down.

Max was incredibly rescued after his terrifying ordeal


RNLI / Newhaven / SWNS)

Video shows a visibly damp and shaken Max being picked up and put on the boat before speeding off to be reunited with his delighted owner.

James Johnson, Volunteer Navigator, said: “Given the dog had fallen over 100 feet to the beach, it was astonishing to see him apparently unharmed. Max was incredibly lucky and we were relieved to return him to his owner.”

It was a first ever service call for Chloe Sands, Volunteer Crew, who said: “It was a bit of shock when the pager went off, but a relief also to be on my way to a first shout.

Border Collie Max was taken to safety after the shocking plunge


RNLI / Newhaven / SWNS)

“When we reached the location, I helped prepare the Y-class Lifeboat for launch from the ALB.”

Lewis Arnold, Coxswain, added: “The dog owner did the right thing. Getting yourself back to a place of safety and calling the Coastguard to get help is always preferable than trying to go after your pet yourself.

“Please remember to keep your dog on a lead close to cliff edges or fast flowing rivers, you never know when they’ll suddenly decide to make chase after a rabbit or bird.”

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