Omicron symptoms parents may be able to spot in children as signs of Covid

The Omicron variant is still ripping through the UK, and following the news that school children no longer need to wear masks in class, being able to identify symptoms in your kids has never been more important

Experts said the virus may cause a cough or cold
Experts said the virus may cause a cough or cold

As the world continues to get to grips with Omicron and understand what its symptoms are, people have been talking and sharing brilliantly about their experiences with the virus.

The exchange of information has helped put together an image of what the symptoms of the virus are while proper research from scientists has been ongoing.

This also extends to concerned parents looking to share what they have found in their children and to help others spot the signs of Omicron early.

The NHS hasn’t changed its official information yet about what the symptoms of the latest strain are, and so parents are continuing to get information out about the differences between it and previous variants such as Delta, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Using their Manchester Family Facebook page, the MEN has been asking parents to share how the virus has been affecting their youngsters.

At the time of writing, the official NHS advice still reports a new and persistent cough, a loss of taste or smell and a fever as the main symptoms – but read on for how parents say the virus is differing for their kids.

What Omicron symptoms have parents seen in their kids?

Masks no longer need to be worn by school kids following the government’s announcement on January 19



The first thing to note is how different the responses were between families’ experiences – while some kids had little to no symptoms, others were left quite unwell by the virus.

The number of hospitalisations among infants has risen during the Omicron wave, although experts are still saying that the majority of cases are very mild and that people shouldn’t panic.

Data published by the Scientific Advisory Group, or SAGE, on January 14 said that in previous waves approximately 30% of children hospitalised with Covid were under the age of one. Between mid-December 2021 and January, this number rose to 42%.

Despite this, they say severity is still low, with SAGE saying: “For the small number of children who do attend hospital, the length of stay is typically short and where they stay overnight it is often to allow for screening for other infections.”

The most common symptoms reported on the Facebook page were a cold, a temperature and a headache.

More than 50 parents said their kids had suffered from a headache, 48 said there had been fever or temperature and 46 reported cold-like symptoms or a runny nose.

Thirty-three parents also got in touch saying there had been tiredness or that their child hadn’t had any energy and was generally sleepy.

A cough was reported in over two dozen cases, and while it was mild for some, others had a rougher time of it with a similar number identifying a sore throat.

Sickness and stomach ache also cropped up among the responses, as did a loss of appetite and taste (or food tasting strange). Achy backs and legs, as well as general muscle aches, were also flagged.

Some kids also had diarrhoea or an upset stomach, pale skin, bloodshot eyes or sneezing.

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