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Boris Johnson, 57, is attempting to see off plots to oust him as Prime Minister following ‘partygate’. Tory MPs suggest their inboxes have been filled with criticisms of Mr Johnson’s conduct and support for the Conservative Party has plummeted in the opinion polls.

However, in a fresh blow to the Prime Minister, no audience members on the BBC’s flagship political panel programme wished to stand up for Mr Johnson during a segment on the alleged parties inside Number 10.

BBC Question Time host Fiona Bruce, 57, invited the socially-distanced audience to defend the Prime Minister.

She asked: “Is there anyone here who wants to speak up for Boris Johnson?”

One audience member mistakenly raised her arm.

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But quickly stated she did not wish to defend the Prime Minister’s actions.

Ms Bruce was keen to stress there were audience members in the crowd who voted Conservative in the 2019 general election.

However, North East Fife, the constituency in which St Andrews is located, is hardly a bedrock for the Tory Party in Scotland.

The Liberal Democrats managed to take the seat from the Scottish National Party in 2019 but just 13 percent of voters backed Boris.

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Tory MSP Stephen Kerr, 61, said he agreed with Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross, 38, that Mr Johnson has to resign as leader.

Ms Bruce asked the former Stirling MP: “Stephen, I’ll let you come back in, isn’t it embarrassing for you because obviously you are calling for Boris Johnson to resign now but you supported him previously?”

The Tories’ Chief Whip in Holyrood, who backed Johnson’s leadership rival and fellow Scot Michael Gove, 54, in the 2019 contest, replied: “I’ve been a Conservative since I was a teenager, I was a young Conservative.

“So, it’s very uncomfortable, it’s painful to have to be engaged in this discussion and I will not join in with this general character assassination that I am hearing from other panellists.

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“It’s just not right.

“I think we’ve got to give credit to the Prime Minister for the things he’s got right.

“But on this occasion, clearly, by his own words, he has not got it right.”

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