Fugitive conman has left trail of victims in his wake – Mail Opinion

Nicholas Rossi’s astonishing Walter Mitty life of deception could well becomes a Hollywood movie in years to come.

The 34-year-old fugitive was discovered suffering from Covid in a Glasgow hospital bed after faking his own death in America.

The Sunday Mail today reveals gobsmacking details of the international web of lies that led up to his arrest.

He used fake names, accents and personas to stay one step ahead of the FBI as he scammed and cheated his way through Britain.

He is now behind bars after posing as a Cambridge educated English aristocrat working as a professor in Glasgow’s West End.

It would be easy to view Rossi as fantasist.

But unfortunately there has been a human cost to his bizarre life of lies.

Among his victims are a Canadian TV star who claims she was conned out of £29,000.

And he is now awaiting extradition to America where he is facing charges of rape and fraud.

Unfortunately like more serial con artists he has been happy to leave a trail of heartbreak and pain in his wake.

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