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The Victorian Greens are set to introduce a bill to state parliament that would legislate a target to eliminate homelessness by 2030.

The Human Rights and Housing Legislation Amendment (Ending Homelessness) Bill 2022, to be tabled by leader Samantha Ratnam on Wednesday, would amend the Housing Act to set a zero per cent homelessness target by the end of the decade, and ensure the Victorian government created a plan to achieve it.

It would also update the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities to include housing as a human right.

In a statement, Ratnam said:

Homelessness is the number one social justice issue facing Victoria right now. And while the Victorian Labor government has made some progress to provide more social housing, they’ve chronically underspent on what we need most: more public homes.

In fact, after spending the least of all states across Australia on public and community housing over the years, successive Victorian state governments have directly contributed to a public housing waiting list that now exceeds 100,000 people.

And until the government addresses this, more and more Victorians will be forced into housing stress and homelessness.

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