UK weather forecast LIVE – Brits brace for a bone-chilling ‘wintry blast’ as TWO new storms set to cause havoc

BRITS look set to face a ‘wintry blast’ as two new storms are heading UK bound, bringing with it the possibility of severe disruption.

Senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, Jim Dale, predicted that Storm Gladys and Storm Hermann will bring bone-chilling conditions.

The next two storms are expected to hit in the next few months.

Mr Dale told the that this time of year can bring “some of the snowiest” conditions.

The Met Office says that storms are named based on the “impact the weather may have”, using their National Severe Weather Warnings service.

The news comes as multiple flood alerts were issued by the Met Office ahead of heavy rain moving in to the UK.

Images today showed areas next to the River Severn in Gloucestershire flooded thanks to bursting banks.

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