Kyiv will only fall if it is ‘razed to the ground’, warns Zelensky as Putin plots assault | World | News

In a dig at NATO over its response to the Russian invasion of Kyiv, Mr Zelensky mentioned that NATO lacked “bravery” in its response to Vladimir Putin including that he doesn’t see a “common consensus” for Ukraine to be accepted into NATO. During his newest speech, Mr Zelenksy additionally gave a touch about having peace talks with Russia sooner or later. He mentioned that the peace talks might happen in Jerusalem.

He mentioned: “Our diplomats are discussing details with Russia, and I hope that we will have a real peace process to end the war, but first there should be a ceasefire.

“This will allow us to open humanitarian processes, evacuation of people, and the delivery of water, food and medicines.

“We’re waiting for this process, we’re discussing processes to end this war.

“I’m happy in principle that we have received a signal from Russia.

“They hoped to occupy our country in three to four days, but unless they bring millions of Russians here to die, you cannot occupy Ukraine.

“You can lay siege to our cities, you can pepper Ukraine with the bodies of Russian soldiers, but you cannot occupy the minds of our people.”

However, in a strong-worded assertion, the Ukrainian chief mentioned Russia can solely take Kyiv if it “razes it to the ground”.

Reports claimed that Russia was feared to be making remaining preparations to put siege to Kyiv after gaining floor in its outskirts, with troops mentioned to be lower than 15 miles away.

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Israel has been engaged in diplomatic efforts to attempt to finish the battle in Ukraine.

Mr Bennett has held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and spoken by telephone with the Ukrainian president.

Referring to peace efforts led by Israel, Mr Zelensky mentioned: “We have a positive stance on the mediation efforts… we believe that he can play an important role, because Israel is a special country with a lot of history and a lot of parallels, and Israel also underwent a large wave of migration of Jews from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and all of Europe.”

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