David Arquette on his failed attempt to compete in AEW

Hollywood film star and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette revealed he pitched the concept of the place he’d work in a match for All Elite Wrestling in 2019.

Arquette is greatest recognized for his roles in films like Scream, Eight Legged Freaks, and the wrestling film Ready to Rumble. He additionally grew to become a cult-like determine within the wrestling business after his notorious reign because the WCW Champion in 2000.

To make it as much as followers who hated him for holding the “big gold belt” in WCW, Arquette made a return to skilled wrestling in 2018, coaching underneath AEW star Peter Avalon. This return culminated within the critically acclaimed 2020 documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette.

Speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Arquette revealed that all through the method of creating the movie, he had the concept to work a match for AEW, even going so far as to speak to Cody Rhodes about it:

“I was talking to Cody Rhodes about trying to have him in the film, it was right as the AEW stuff was coming together. Yeah, I did (pitch a match). I thought it’d be so funny, like, ‘you disrespected the belt and my dad had it and I’m going to pay him back.'” (H/T – Fightful).

To Arquette’s disappointment, the concept did not come to cross as AEW’s TV community TNT interveined:

“That’s one thing that was a little upsetting, especially with AEW because they had all the guys in AEW that were in the movie and I wanted to go and do a match or something to promote the movie and they were, like, [no]. I think it was TNT, they were trying to charge me to wrestle. It went through the publicity department to TNT or something and they were, like, ‘well, it cost this to…’ ‘Forget it.’ We were looking to advertise on the shows, at least some form of advertisement within AEW, but they looked at it, like, ‘We charge this much for someone to promote in the ring.’ That was a little depressing because I knew a bunch of the guys over there.” (H/T Fightful).

David Arquette did efficiently compete in a deathmatch for his documentary

The phrases “deathmatch” and “David Arquette” do not feel like they belong in the identical sentence, nevertheless, one of many standout moments of Arquette’s wrestling comeback was his now-infamous bout with Nick Gage for GCW.

The match passed off on the LA Confidential occasion hosted by AEW star Joey Janela and received closely featured in Gage’s episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

Turns out Death Matches aren’t my factor

Despite being organized forward of time, the match shortly fell aside as David Arquette bled closely, with Gage fearing he might have killed the well-known film star. Arquette has not competed in a deathmatch since.

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