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Russian customers battle for sugar in supermarkets

Russian customers battle for sugar in supermarkets as panic over Western sanctions results in hoarding and shortages.

Shoppers have been captured on video battling in Russian supermarkets as sanctions start to hit very important provides triggering a wave of panic-buying.

One sugar rush was seen after a consignment was wheeled into the Perekryostok retailer within the north of Moscow.

“People are fighting for sugar,” stated an onlooker.

“Pensioners are fighting.”

Anna, an area resident who filmed the noisy scuffle, informed Podyom media that folks behaved aggressively as a result of they’re spooked by empty cabinets.

“There were empty shelves – no salt, no sugar, no pasta, no buckwheat, and only expensive rice,” she stated.

“People instantly noticed a cart with sugar and ran in the direction of it.

“They attacked this cart, pushing one another away aggressively.

“They had been grabbing as a lot as potential for themselves, not leaving sugar for the others.

“I wanted to share the horror of it. We must stay human.”

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