Zelensky speech today LIVE – Ukrainian president asks Congress to ‘close the sky’ after Putin and Russia’s invasion

UKRAINIAN President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed Congress and known as for additional assist combating again towards Russia in a dramatic speech that included a graphic video and reminders of September 11 and Pearl Harbor.

Zelensky’s handle featured the show of a graphic video that included tragic footage from the battle in Ukraine, together with disturbing pictures of civilian casualties of the conflict, destroyed buildings, and terrifying pictures of navy assaults there.

It additionally included an invocation of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, with Zelensky saying, “remember Pearl Harbor…when your sky was black from the planes attacking you” and “remember September the 11th, a terrible day in 2001 when evil tried to turn US cities into battlefields…and you could not stop it.”

Zelensky’s live-streamed handle Wednesday into the Capitol was a part of a really public technique in his struggle to cease Russia.

During the speech, he known as on the US to “close the sky” to stop the Russian airstrikes which might be devastating Ukraine.

President Joe Biden and different Western leaders have up to now refused to take that motion to keep away from a direct confrontation with Putin’s Russia.

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  • Zelensky invokes 9/11

    “Remember Pearl Harbor, terrible morning of December 7, 1941, when your sky was black from the planes attacking you,” Zelensky stated throughout his speech on Tuesday.

    “Just remember it, remember, September the 11th, a terrible day in 2001 when evil tried to turn US cities into battlefields, when innocent people were attacked from air, just like nobody else expected it and you could not stop it.”

    “Our country experiences the same, every day, right now at this moment,” he stated.

  • Message for President Biden

    At the tip of his speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky supplied a message for President Joe Biden particularly.

    “You are the leader of your grand nation,” he stated.

    “I wish you to be the leader of the world. Being the leader of the world means to be the leader of peace.”

  • Sen Romney reacts

    “Stepping out of @ZelenskyyUa’s address to Congress, I’m again moved by his monumental leadership and heroic courage,” Senator Mitt Romney shared on Twitter after the speech.

    “Being a world leader does indeed mean we have a responsibility to be a leader of freedom and peace. We must fulfill his request immediately. Get Ukraine the MiGs.”

  • ‘Unwavering dedication’

    Nancy Pelosi reacted to Zelensky’s speech over on Twitter, noting the United State’s “commitment” to the Ukrainian individuals.

    “This morning, Members of the House and Senate had the distinct privilege of receiving a virtual address by President @ZelenskyyUa,” she tweeted.

    “Congress and the country remain unwavering in our commitment to the people of Ukraine as they courageously defend democracy.”

  • ‘Something we will unite round’

    On Twitter, Rep Andy Kim from New Jersey reacted to Zelensky’s handle to Congress.

    “I hope all Americans can agree with @ZelenskyyUa that ‘To be the leader of the world means to be the leader of peace,'” he wrote.

    “That is something we can unite around. There is more we can do to help the Ukrainian people in their time of greatest need.”

  • How lengthy was the speech?

    Zelensky did not converse for lengthy, however his handle led to sturdy reactions on social media and from many US politicians.

    He started talking proper round 9am ET and was executed earlier than 9.15.

  • ‘Flooded with our blood’

    Zelensky requested that Russians “don’t receive a single penny” from any American firm throughout his speech.

    He instructed Congress. “All American ports must be closed to Russian items.”

    “Leave the [Russian] market as a result of it’s flooded with our blood,” he stated.

  • ‘I want to guard our sky’

    During his speech, Zelensky requested for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

    “Is this a lot to ask for to create a no-fly zone over Ukraine?” Zelensky requested Congress.

    “If that is an excessive amount of to ask, you understand what sort of protection techniques we’d like.”

    “I’ve a necessity. I want to guard our sky,” he stated.

  • Sen Blumenthal: ‘Action, not simply extra phrases’

    “Respond to Zelenskyy’s plea today with action, not just more words,” Senator Richard Blumenthal on Twitter.

    “More anti tank & anti aircraft missiles, anti air batteries, drones, planes, & more to fight Russia’s bombing reign of terror.”

    “Every day matters, as Ukraine bravely struggles for survival. Act now.”

  • Defending values

    “Today the Ukrainian persons are defending not solely Ukraine, we’re combating to defend the values of Europe and the world,” Zelensky instructed Congress throughout his speech.

  • A September eleventh ‘every single day’

    Zelensky requested Congress to “remember Pearl Harbor” and “remember September 11th,” saying that his nation “experiences the same every day.”

    “Right now, at this moment, every night,” he stated.

  • More about U24

    Zelensky known as for a brand new coalition throughout his speech known as U24.

    U24, or United for Peace, can be a coalition of 24 international locations that would intervene in a battle in 24 hours.

  • Speech concludes

    Zelensky’s speech to Congress has now concluded and Congress gave him a standing ovation.

    Some members of Congress stay within the room the place they have been addressed, seemingly discussing the speech.

  • Standing ovation

    At the tip of the speech, Zelensky acquired a standing, bipartisan ovation from Congress.

  • Zelensky addresses Biden

    At the tip of his speech, Zelensky appealed on to President Biden, asking him to be a “leader of peace.”

  • Zelensky appeals for management

    “Today, to be the leader of the world means to be the leader of peace,” Zelensky instructed Congress in English.

  • Zelensky switches to English

    Zelensky then switched to English to beg Congress to be leaders.

  • ‘Close the sky over Ukraine’

    The video ended with a easy message: “Close the sky over Ukraine.”

  • Graphic video proven to Congress

    Zelensky then requested Congress to look at a video that depicted the assaults in his nation.

    It included graphic pictures of bombings, injured civilians, destroyed buildings, and what seemed to be useless Ukrainians.

  • U24

    Zelensky additionally appeared to name for a brand new union of nations for peace known as U24.

    He urged it may provide political and humanitarian help throughout battle or pure disasters inside 24 hours.

  • Aircraft and anti-aircraft weapons

    Zelensky requested for plane and anti-aircraft weapons from the United States throughout his speech.

  • American port closure?

    Zelensky additionally requested that American ports be closed to Russian imports.

  • More sanctions

    Zelensky additionally requested for extra sanctions in Russia.

    He requested all American firms to depart the Russian market.

  • Zelensky quotes MLK Jr

    During his speech, Zelensky quoted Martin Luther King Jr and his well-known “I have a dream” speech.

  • No-fly zone

    Zelensky requested for a no-fly zone throughout his speech.

    He stated if the United States can not name for that, Ukraine wants extra plane to assist struggle off Russia.

    “I need to protect our sky,” he stated.

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