Ukraine-Russia war – Vile Putin henchman demands Ukrainian POWs used as ‘involuntary blood donors’ for Russian invaders

Russian spies ‘have infiltrated US intelligence

Russian moles have “almost certainly” infiltrated US intelligence providers, former spooks have warned in an explosive new ebook.

Active spies working for Russian president Vladimir Putin are prone to have already got been recruited, based on ex-FBI brokers and CIA officers. 

The surprising revelation was made made throughout in depth interviews with New York Times bestselling writer and former federal prosecutor Lis Wiehl for her new ebook A Spy In Plain Sight. 

Ms Wiehl informed The Sun that it comes simply as the necessity to anticipate Putin’s subsequent transfer is larger than ever earlier than.

Her new title is an in-depth take a look at the story of Robert Hanssen, thought of America’s most damaging Russian spy ever. 

Hanssen, who’s at present serving 15 consecutive life sentences at a federal supermax jail in Florence, Colorado, was an FBI double agent who spied for Soviet and Russian businesses between 1979 till he was busted in 2001. 

Former counterespionage operative Hanssen, now 78, offered secrets and techniques to the KGB together with US methods within the occasion of nuclear battle and the identities of US intelligence property in Russia who had been later executed. 

His espionage was described by the Department of Justice as “possibly the worst intelligence disaster in US history”. 

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