‘I look up and there’s riot policemen with guns pointed at me’ – Holly Carpenter and James Kavanagh reveal they were arrested in Paris after getting ‘quite lit’ on plane

Former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter and social media persona James Kavanagh have revealed that they have been arrested whereas on a visit to France.

s Carpenter (30) is an Irish mannequin and influencer and Mr Kavanagh (32) is a meals author and TV presenter.

The two associates deliberate an impromptu journey to Paris with their associates Rob Kenny and Stefan Langan on the very begin of 2020.

Speaking on Carpenter’s new podcast Filter Free, the Dublin natives stated they loved a number of drinks earlier than they bought to the airport and whereas on the flight to Paris.

“I kind of held back on telling this story because I felt like we did something wrong… but we actually hadn’t. For a long time I was ashamed of it,” James stated.

“We did get like three bottles of Prosecco in the airport,” Holly stated.

“We got on the plane, and it was kind of empty and we were just getting a bit giddy, we’d never been on a holiday before together, the drinks trolley came around, so we were getting quite lit on the plane, there wasn’t actually that many around us” James stated.

Once they landed, they made their method to passport management the place Kavanagh realised he didn’t have his passport.

“Now it transpires that my passport I left it on the plane so me and Stefan ran back to the plane giggling, laughing, and maybe being a bit too loud. So, we ran back to the plane, got on the plane, chatting to all the staff,” Kavanagh stated.

“Next of all I look up and there’s riot policemen with guns pointed at me and Holly, and I was like ‘sorry?’”

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The pair have been immediately handcuffed however weren’t advised why they have been being arrested.

“So, we were handcuffed and brought into this room, and at this stage I was still a bit giddy, and I don’t know if I thought it was real, because it was just so ridiculous, we hadn’t done anything to warrant an arrest,” James stated.

“We were handcuffed in public, in front of everyone, everyone was like gasping.”

“At the time there was huge riots going on in France, so I don’t know if they were just on high alert and thought we were more dangerous than we were.”

Kavanagh joked: “We were just two lit girls from Dublin. My crime is that I like to have fun.”

“So, we were brought into this room, now the worst thing about this was no one told us why we were arrested, they were laughing at us,” he stated.

The pair stated the ordeal was “terrifying” and Carpenter stated she began to get upset.

Kavanagh stated: “I used to be pleading with them like ‘can you tell us why we’re in right here?’ And they saved saying ‘non, be quiet’.

“It was honestly like we were being kidnapped, they weren’t even wearing policed uniforms either it was like riot gear.”

The pair then defined that Holly was taken right into a separate room and strip searched, they usually each had their blood examined.

After what appeared like endlessly, Holly and James thought they have been being launched once they have been “frogmarched with guns through the airport”.

However, the pair have been put at the back of a automobile and dropped at jail and put in cells facet by facet.

“What was horrible as effectively was they have been laughing at how upset we have been, “ James stated.

The two associates additionally claimed the officers googled Holly’s identify and threatened to take an image of her and submit it on Twitter.

Holly stated: “I actually thought everyone at home, like my family and friends, had a picture of me in a cell.”

“They didn’t give us water either, and there was people screaming, it was really horrible and cold,” James stated.

15 hours later, they have been launched however they stated they have been “shook” over the incident.

The mannequin stated: “I was so shook, and I felt kind of violated as well. They upended my suitcase, they laughed in my face, they made me give them my bra. They were so shady.”

Kavanagh additionally revealed he had €200 stolen from his pockets whereas they have been in custody.

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